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Preppy is OK!

(Jacket: GUESS Shirt: GUESS Skirt: GUESS Shoes: Zara)

This year, I am obsessed with switching up tones and textures. I've done it before, but

this year I really want to push the limits by trying new ways to explore what's out on the racks -- as well as re-using what's already in my closet. Re-using is never a bad idea! For my recycled closet item, I chose my red denim jacket to create a "preppy school girl" ensemble.

I have had this red jacket for a while now and the fact that it's denim, gave me even more of an incentive to buy it. In my humble opinion, you can never have too many denim jackets. To create my "preppy school girl" look, I decided on a black, white and gray color scheme so the jacket would really pop. To finish off the look, I added knee high socks with my heels giving that extra "school girl" image.

While I'm out shopping, I try to think ahead and ask myself a few questions before making an impulsive purchase. For example -- How often will I wear this? Do I actually need this?

Of course there are pieces we find that we just "need", so I like to try and find unique pieces that can be recycled and re-used throughout the entire year.


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